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About Benjamin Swatez

Mr. Swatez is an Executive Art Director and International Artist: Founder and Director of multiple creative therapy projects with a focus on people facing adversity in conflict zones, refugee camps, catastrophe zones, orphanages, homeless shelters, safe homes and disability centers worldwide. He has painted large-scale murals in over thirty-five countries for embassies, government buildings, schools, airports, community centers, hotels and so forth. His art has been exhibited in over 80 international art shows on four continents and in 13 museums of contemporary art - Skilled at designing art curriculums. An innovator, a consultant, and a mentor, easily adapting to the streets, the jungles, the classroom and high-profile events to share experience and wisdom in best service of humanity - Multi-lingual, a seasoned traveller and highly in-tune with the environment - The Executive Art Director of international art conventions and eight organizations - An inspirational speaker, a natural leader and a celebrated international painter. Former professional soccer player in Denmark. Masters/PHD student at European Graduate School – Switzerland. Currently working on his PhD in Peace Building/Conflict Resolution through Creative Arts

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